The First days of COVID-19: How did Executives Respond?

Within a fortnight of being declared a pandemic, the COVID-19 virus had already spread to well over 200,000 people across the world. The ramifications had a severe human as well as an economic and social toll to the point that, even at this juncture, it seems as if nothing will be the same as it was before.

Speaking directly to the Pulse community over the last two weeks has been eye-opening in terms of how leaders within IT also saw this crisis as one of the largest in their lifetimes. What are the first steps in such a sudden and abrupt disruption to the way people live and work?

In a survey of over 100 IT Executives the first steps were out of an abundance of caution with over 67% saying they had taken precautionary measures against the possibility of further spread of the virus.

One of the major precautionary measures that organizations had taken was to have as many staff work remotely. It was evident from the data that, even in the beginning of the month, many had anticipated their workforce to be working remote at the end of the month as well. 17% had between half and three quarters of their workforce working remotely. 33% of IT business leaders anticipated that this would be the case by the end of the month.



This data indicates a mood larger than pessimism. It indicates that executives were now taking this seriously enough to prepare for a larger crisis. In an interview with Pulse, CIO Karl Mosgofian of Gainsight stated that moving to and sustaining remote work won’t be easy. “It’s evolving quickly so we’re certainly preparing for that.”

The Pulse report on The Exective Response to COVID-19 also included data on the impact of business revenue and hiring. The entire survey is available now on the Pulse website.

Make sure to read the full report COVID-19: The Executive Response only on Pulse. 


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