Pulse’s 2020 IT Executive Compensation Study

As 2019 draws to a close, Pulse published its latest IT Executive Compensation Study–just in time for the year’s last round of compensation negotiations.
Having reached out to Pulse’s IT leadership community, the study collected data from over 300 executive respondents.  The survey included questions on base salaries, bonus expectations and how they were going to negotiate future compensation.
To keep you informed ahead of your next decision, here’s a brief rundown of the study’s key findings.
It pays to be in the C-suite

Unsurprisingly, the highest paid salaries were among C-suite respondents where the average yearly income was a healthy $380k. In addition to this some of the highest earners in the study earned up to $2.2 million a year. In comparison, directors and VPs annually earned an average of $135k and $230k  respectively. Moreover, 40% of the top earning CIOs had been in the role for over 4 years.

Being VP isn’t satisfaction guaranteed
The study was also an insight into the current mood of IT executives and whether there was across-the-board satisfaction with salaries. An overwhelming 87% were satisfied with their compensation packages, with 32% being very satisfied. Interestingly though, a quarter of all VPs were found to be unhappy with their yearly earnings in 2019.
A question of raises

IT executives were somewhat evenly split on whether to ask for a raise this year. Around 38% were going to go for it but 31% said they were unsure. A further 31% said they would not be asking a raise for their performance in 2019.

In addition to this, the mode asking price was between 10-15% of their salary whereas 40% of respondents were asking for less than 10% this year.

The IT Executive Compensation Study is one of Pulse’s most comprehensive IT compensation studies to date. Make sure to catch the full study on our website.