Pulse Q&A presents at Dreamforce 2019 on the evolving role of the CIO

Pulse Q&A hosted a seminar this morning on diversity and the evolving nature of the CIO at Dreamforce 2019’s Trailblazer Tuesday. Using key insights drawn from Pulse Q&A’s 10,000 strong forum of verified IT executives, CEO Mayank Mehta and CMO Ras Gill-Boulos spoke at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on how CIOs can lead technology change. 

Describing Pulse Q&A as a “knowledge marketplace”, Mehta explained how a community exclusively for CIOs and other IT leaders could garner important observations about the changes in the modern workplace.

On the issue of the future role of the CIO, the two presenters charted the history of the CIO, noting that, “as technology exploded into every business, the CIO was seen as a strategic leader and an equal partner to the CEO.”

This led to a greater partnership on the business side of the company. “There are CIOs who’ve been able, not just to partner with the business successfully to deliver customer value, but directly take on and lead projects that drive customer success and customer experience,” Gill-Boulos said at the presentation.

Aligning with the customer journey

By way of example, CIO Sreelakshmi Kolli of Align Technology, found 2 essential actions that allows her orthodontic medical device company to reach over 300 million customers. For one, it was to “partner with marketing platforms to create a fully digitized experience. This  allowed for for “agility and experimentation for the different go-to-market conditions around the world”. 

Secondly, Kolli was also able to get ahead of the competition by having access to the largest digital dentition database with over 6.4 million patients.  The predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms are all integrated into the product to deliver great outcomes and product performance for the company. 

 It’s this aspect of being part of the customer experience that is so crucial. According to Pulse Q&A data, 60% of the CIOs believe they’re not playing enough of a role in the customer journey. On the other hand, of those CIOs who do play a fundamental role in the customer journey report seeing an increase in revenue growth; at an average of 2% for medium-sized companies.

“The CIO will go on to be the CXO and lead the customer experience for most businesses,” Mehta predicted, adding that “creating a diverse team that can drive amazing customer experience will be next.”

About Pulse Q&A

Over the last 2 years, Pulse has become the largest IT executive community with just over 10,000 verified members. The data insights enable marketing teams, financial and consulting institutions to tap into this community to test their investment thesis, validate their messaging and positioning and rapidly generate credible content. To find out more about the forum, visit Pulse Q&A now.


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