Goodbye back-end IT solutions: CIOs hold center seats in business strategies


The role of a CIO has evolved with businesses hacking their way to technological advancements and growth. A CIO is no longer restricted to cutting costs on innovation. Today, that C-suite executive sits with the board of directors, strategizing on new business and generating revenue.

“The role of the CIO and of IT, in general, is definitely becoming more strategic. Every aspect of modern business is enabled by IT. Increasingly, the CIO will be considered a potential successor to the CEO. Leveraging data for strategic insights is where battles over competitive differentiation are being won and lost. In my opinion, companies, in any industry, that do not understand the importance of data analytics and of using technology to constantly improve the customer experience will not survive,” says John Trujillo, VP of IT at Pacific Life.

A CTO and a Chief People Officer. Yes, that’s now possible.

With technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, etc., reshaping the product parameters in Healthcare, Supply Chain, Automobiles, Manufacturing, etc., a leader that understands both sides of the coin is indispensable. Naveen Krishna Yamarthi, Managing Director, Enlighted Systems at Enlighted Inc.- A Siemens company advises, “CIOs should also do their part in ensuring they are caught up with the future market requirements. Gone are days where “IT” used to be a cost center circling around SDLC & ITSM alone. Building credibility & showcasing how future technologies not only add value to organizations but become a necessity for sustaining on a long run makes a CIO role very strategic in today’s world.”

82% CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and IT Executives for some of the top firms like Forescout, Berkley Risk, and even the governmental organizations agree that the role of a CIO is getting more strategic with time.


This multidimensional role does not stop with commerce and technology. CIOs also prioritize security towards attacks on their organization. Steven Sim, VP at ISACA Singapore explains, “With industrial revolution 4.0 and the rise in the adoption of cyber-physical systems, the reliance of critical infrastructure and whole economies on the adequacy of cybersecurity posture for these systems are on the increase. The CIO/CISO has a pivotal job of holding it up together.”

Technology today is intertwined with every aspect of the business. Customers, stakeholders, investors, all demand deliverables that are crucial. If we go by what Jibrail Idris, CIO at UBOUX says “The line between business and IT had been blurred and a leader with a good grasp of both technology and business is essential to navigating through the chaos,”

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