CMOs as agents for change

“I live in San Francisco. Here, my change eats your change for lunch.”

My team is obsessed with tech-bro jokes. We spend Friday afternoons sending one another these. It’s hilarious, it’s wonderful, and we probably need some team therapy!

And sometimes, just sometimes, these jokes creep up under your skin and stay there, gently pestering you to pay attention to them.

“My change eats your change for lunch.” And just like that, you can’t get them out of your head.


Marketing, it’s time to step up as the change agent

Change doesn’t need to be terrifying. With the right resources, it empowers.

As the CMO of Pulse, my primary role is being an agent for change. Like many of my peers, I straddle different worlds within my organization. From assessing user metrics and customer insights, to partnering on product roadmaps, I have a privileged vantage point.

It’s this view that allows my team and I to recommend and then deliver these changes. It’s a unique position, a powerful position, and one that all marketing teams need to start paying attention to.


Using data to drive that change

I am a data geek and the most satisfying part of my job is defining the growth trajectory at Pulse. I delight in poring over research (both qualitative and quantitative) and creating an airtight plan for us to go execute on. Data drives everything we do at Pulse.

But this means that my recommendations are only as good as my data. Backward facing analyst reports with two-year-old data will not do. I need my data to be real-time. I need my data to reflect the situation at hand today. And I need my data to come from the right sources.

Which is why we created Pulse. Pulse is a community of technology executives crowdsourcing data from one another. From understanding budgets, to discussing cloud implementations, tech decision-makers now have immediate access to data that transforms their organizations.


Real time data from 350 CIOs in North America. Published on



Example conversations happening on — “Why is google cloud losing to azure?”

Transforming data into outcomes

At Pulse, I partner with the best marketing teams in the industry. These teams live and breathe change, and use data to transform their companies.

The Okta One Minute White Papers – This $13B juggernaut has figured out that data has the power to change how their customers engage their products. Okta has worked closely with Pulse Q&A to create 1-minute white papers to educate their customers on key IAM (Identity and Access Management) challenges and are understood as an industry leader in this space.

The Salesforce “Future of Mobile” stud– When you are a company like Salesforce, you have the ability to write the future. Pulse was excited to work with this team to set the stage for visionary product development by imagining what 2025 would look like for mobile use within the enterprise.

What’s the real power here?

No one changes the world if they don’t know where they’re going. You need certainty and clarity of vision, and that only comes from a crystal fact base. And that’s what the best CMOs do — they give their organizations the vision and insight to make the transformations that make them leaders.



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